Each year during winter months we offer cars that can help provide decent transportation at an affordable price. We have them safety inspected to make sure they are mechanically up to stuff although they may have minor nits. These vehicles are sold as is and we will always tell you what we know. We understand some may prefer to have certain nits repaired. While we're a licensed dealer and service center for motorcycles, powersports, and power equipment, we are not an automotive service center. As such we've partnered with a very reputable local auto service facility that offers a special repair discounton any items you may want repaired when a vehicle is purchased from us. Matthew 7:12

Full Armor 


3506 68th St SECaledoniaMichigan 49316, United States

$2300 - This is a nice car for most anyone needing good transportation. It's in good condition with very few nits. If you're handy with a wrench they are all minor in nature. 


  • Miles: 137k
  • Interior: Very clean
  • Exterior: Good - minor rust at rear wheel well
  • Service performed:

                 Oil change

                 Replace RT control arm and alignment

                 Replace wheel bearings

Known Nits:

  •  Noisy rear stabilizer links
  •  Sometimes produces a code for EVAP
  •  May need a seatbelt buckle sensor for SRS
  •  Has aftermarket radio with CD fault

$1750 - This is a car for most anyone needing good transportation. It drives very nicely and is solid on the road. Radio, heat, and all the necessary items work great. Mechanically it's in good condition and it has a few cosmetic items described below. 

  • Miles: 155k
  • Interior: Clean
  • Exterior: Fair - Rust at driver side rear wheel well
  • Service performed:

                 Safety inspected by licensed service center
Known Nits:

  • Sometimes produces a code spark but runs fine
  • Has open seam on the upper and lower driver side seat. Can be repaired
  • Driver side power mirror does not appear to work